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                                                                                         Bob and Debbie Kaps began a Bible study in their home over 20 years ago. Over the                                                                           years that fellowship grew into a church in Buckner, Missouri, on the east side of the                                                                             Kansas City Metropolitan area. All 4 of their children serve God, 3 of them in                                                                                         leadership roles at Heart of God Fellowship. Bob is known as a “pastor to pastors”, a                                                                             great encourager and teacher.



                                                                                          Church Name:           Heart of God Fellowship

                                                                         Contact Number:       (816) 650-9673

                                                                         Mailing Address:        P. O. Box 55  Buckner, MO   64016

                                                                         Email Address:


Regional Director

Pastor Bob and Debbie Kaps

                            District Director
                            Pastor Dan and Joan                                       Olson                  

                                                Pastors Dan and Joan Olson are ordained                                                  ministers of the Gospel and Rhema Bible       Training Center graduates. They are also ordained with ICFM. They were married in 1971 and are parents of six children, one of which (Jessica) is a minister on staff. They are also blessed with a growing number of grandchildren. They began  pastoring in 1979 and the Lord led them to Stone County to pioneer Living  Word Church in 1997. 

Church Name:          Living Word Church

Contact Number:      (417) 272-9696

Mailing Address:      P. O. Box 2070  Branson West, MO  65737

Email Address:

                             Area Director                          
                             Pastor Gene and Mary Pat                              Stowell

                                                Gene and Mary Pat Stowell have served in                                                nearly every capacity of the local church       body; from youth ministers to Senior and founding pastors and everything in between.  Gene is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. They are Associate Pastors at Heart of God Fellowship. 

Church Name:          Heart of God Fellowship

Contact Number:      (913) 683-5571

Mailing Address:      P. O. Box 55  Buckner MO  64016

Email Address:

                            Assistant To Regional                                     Director 
                            Rev. Kathleen Weddle                

                                             As Pastor Bob's personal assistant, Kathy

                                             helps set up meeting places for the ICFM local fellowships. She also coordinates monthly membership rosters with area directors and with Pastor Bob for contact to each member in the ICFM Central Region. She provides liaison with the ICFM Corporate office as well as Area Directors, as circumstances dictate. She also assists in gathering and compiling information for the Regional Director Activity Reports quarterly. Kathy will help to bring together all the necessary elements for the Regional Conference. She loves to fellowship with attendees!

Church Name:          Heart of God Fellowship

Contact Number:      (816) 769-3567

Mailing Address:      P. O. Box 55  Buckner MO  64016 

Email Address:

                            Area Director 
                            Rev. Phil Rab

                                             Rev. Phil Rab grew up on Chicago's South                                                Side.  He was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1984.  Licensed and ordained with International Convention of Faith Ministries (ICFM), and studied through Life Christian University. Rev. Rab has a background of over 25 years in the Ministry of Helps in ushering, security, and is currently the Armor Bearer to Dr. Larry Ollison. Rev. Rab is also founder and president of Menorah Light Ministries.  His genealogy is of Jewish descent.  With his Jewish heritage he is teaching and bridging the Old Testament and the Abrahamic Covenant with the New Testament and New Covenant to bring light and a deeper revelation to the Church of their covenant rights in Yeshau! 

Church Name:          Menorah Light Ministries

Contact Number:      (630) 460-9132

Mailing Address:      Route 2, Box 2389, Hermitage, MO  65668

Email Address:

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